Super fast breakfast Recipes

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal in the day. And I believe it’s true for it’s the meal that refuels you after a ‘hopefully’ good night sleep, so that you can start the day with a state of complete readiness for performing at your best.

Your morning coffee is just not enough to fuel you with the necessary energy that you need to perform at your best.

With a healthy breakfast meal that contains ingredients that are absorbed slowly like grains (instead of sugar that is absorbed fast) and full of fibers and proteins that can keep you full for the whole morning.

It’s not always easy to get a healthy, tasty breakfast that is also super easy to prepare. In this article I will share with you 5 breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare and can keep you full for the whole morning.

Let’s get started!

1. Yogurt With Nuts and Fruits:

إفطار سريع

Yogurt is full of calcium and protein which can make you full during the morning. It is better to go for plain yogurt then add some of your favorite fruits and nuts and that would be your breakfast.

You can choose the quantity that can make you full, add any fruits even tomatoes or dates, and any nuts available; peanuts will be enough. 

2. Oatmeal Breakfast:

الشوفان 1

Meals with oatmeal are considered very good in the morning hours because it contains fivers that will nurture you and keep you full.

You can sweeten the meal with some fruit (normal or dried),  fruit syrup or honey. Add the amount of milk necessary and enjoy your breakfast.


smoothie 1

These are so easy to prepare and you have a lot of choices to pick from. You can go for a green smoothie and put a handful of spinach or kale in a blender with some water or milk, a banana and other fruits that you like; blend everything for a minute or two. Your breakfast is ready.

You can always experiment with different ingredients till you find the favorite one for you.

4. Cereals:

cereal 1

This is one the most famous breakfast meals for the ease of its preparation and the nutritional ability it has. Always try to use cereals made of full grains like wheat and corn and it is better if it has no less than 5 grams of fibers and as low quantity of added sugar as possible.

Cereals made of whole grains can keep you full during the morning because they contain a lot of nutrients like iron and proteins along with fibers. Add the amount of milk you like so that you can get a full meal. 

5. Boiled Eggs:

بيض مسلوق

Eggs are just like a warehouse of proteins and they can fix any starving stomach. Add some bread with some olive oil or olives and some cheese to make it even better and tastier. Enjoy!

These were the 5 super easy breakfast recipes that can keep you full during the morning. It is always wise to prepare your breakfast the night before so that you can use the precious morning hours for more important things for you.

You can always mix between the recipes we suggested and also you don’t need to give up your morning coffee just drink it after these meals.

Enjoy every morning and refuel your body with clean and healthy food so that you can perform at your best.

Love + respect. 

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