How to Sleep in 30 minutes or less

Stop counting sheep hoping to sleep and start sleeping faster ‘and better’ by applying these tweaks in your daily routine.

For many people who struggle to sleep at night, the title of this article might seem unrealistic.

The average time needed to actually drift to dream land after you put your head on the pillow is between 10 and 20 minutes. If you are sleeping right after you put your head on the pillow, that might be a sign that you are sleep deprived and need more sleep. 

But if you often find yourself staring at the ceiling of your room and spending more than 20 minutes to actually sleep, then it is wise to make some adjustments in you daily routine so that you can sleep faster and even better than how you are doing now.

Let’s start:

1.Wake Up Early: 

This might sounds very obvious yet not many people care about waking up early. Early rising is able to adjust your energy levels during the day and can adjust your schedule as well. Accordingly when bedtime comes your body and mind will be ready to sleep. 

If waking up early is a challenge for you, you can learn how to wake up early and how to make it a habit by reading this article.

2.Move During The Day:

Physical exercise is not only able to boost your mood and reduce your stress, but also it will tire you out which makes falling asleep faster and easier.

Pay attention to the time you choose to do sports at; some people (not all) find it difficult to sleep if they do sports close to bed time. The best time for exercise is the morning.

3.It’s the afternoon, no more caffeine: 

Not everyone finds it difficult to sleep at night after drinking coffee. But if you are affected by caffeine; reduce consuming it in the afternoons or stop it at once during the afternoon  so that you can sleep easily and fast when its time for bed.

4.Leave Your Electronic Devices out of bed:

These devices produce a light called the blue light. This light can interrupt your internal clock as it plays a role similar to the sun which makes the brain release a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin sends signals to the brain making it think its time to wake up. 

Also checking your emails and social media platforms will trigger you to start thinking which makes it difficult for you to sleep fast.

Leave your electronic devices far from your bed and fall asleep faster.

5.Did You Try Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea is relaxing and can help you wind down and sleep faster. 

Drink a cup of chamomile tea an hour before bed time and get ready to relax and sleep.

These were the 5 things you can do to adjust your daily routine and start sleeping in 30 minutes or less. The secret lies in consistency so you need to practice these 5 things everyday till they become a natural part of your day.

Love and respect.  

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