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There was a wonderful article by Steven Kotler published in Forbes about how to find your passion; a question we ask ourselves very often because we all know that a life of passion is a life that means something, but it’s not always easy to find your passion.
So Steven Kotler says that passion essentially exists at the intersection between multiple things that you are curious about.

The First Step

he says that the first thing you should do if you want to identify your passion is to make a list of all the things you are curious about, all the things you wonder about, and be as specific as you can.   

After This 

The second step you should do is to creat a venn diagram and try to find where the things you are curious about, three or more, intersect; and that place is the sweet spot, in that spot you can find energy and dopamine; multiple streams of curiosity intersect in a space called passion. 

From Passion To Purpose

Once you have identified your passion then you need to turn your passion into purpose and to do that you need to make another list of at least 15 challenges in the world that you like to see solved , and try to find which one of these challenges can be served by your passion.

Curiosity leads to passion and identifying the challenges that can be  served by your passion leads to purpose. By that you have filled your life with a sense of meaning and significance.
A very good article by Steven Kotler, take notes and find your passion.
God Bless; 

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