Private English language Lessons

Let me help you speak English fluently and confidently. Come study with me online where I prepare the classes that meet your needs and goals, just choose the time that suits you the best and let’s get started.

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In these classes I give you my full attention and I correct the different language mistakes whether in pronunciation or grammar. 

These online classes are conversations in which we discuss various topics; my goal is to build your confidence and fluency when speaking English. I can also teach you the different tenses, different grammar rules, the most common English Idioms, the different rules of pronunciation. 
I can also help you write your CV,or write an email in English.

You can also chose between:
.General English
.Business English or;
.Exam preparation

I am here to serve you.

Private one to one classes through:

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Amine Nouri
English, Chinese

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Every class is designed for you, to meet your needs and goals.

My goal is to let you speak at least 75% of the time of our class. Consistance and actual practice is what gives you real results.

you can study with le from the comfort of your house.
My classes are from morning to night, you can chose the time that suits you the best and book your class.

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After booking your class, all you need to do is to pay then you will receive a confirmation email about your class.

I teach people from 7 years old to adults. You just need to decide what topic you want to study, or what language aspects you want us to cover whether pronunciation or grammar or something else and we start the class.

I made a video explaining the different ways you can use to pay for the classes. Just follow the steps.

Click on “Book your class now” icon then choose the most suitable time for you.


Term and conditions of use

  • Every class lasts for 60 minutes.
  • You need access to internet with good speed.
  • Lessons will be delivered through Zoom or Skype, but we can also use any other platform that you prefer; Whatsapp, messenger, viber, telegram, etc.
  • I need you to tell me the topics you want to talk about along with your goals from the lesson.
  • I need to know your current level of English; you can take the quick English level test through messenger or telegram here.
  • If you want to delay the class for any reason, please notify me at least 3 hours before the class so that we ca schedule the class for another time that suits both of us; otherwise the class will be canceled and can’t be refunded.
  • If the teacher for any reason couldn’t attend the class, you will be notified at least 3 hours before the class so that we can reschedule another time for the class that suits both of us, or you can get a full refund.

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