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Auxiliary Verbs

Learn more about the Auxiliary verbs in English (DO, BE, and HAVE)

16 Words you are probably saying wrong

How to pronounce these words: vegetables, Etc, yacht, and so forth!

how to prononce words ending in (RL) correctly

let’s learn the correct pronunciation of these words ending in rl


Speak English more naturally and more like a native speaker with contractions!

Final -ed

The Correct Pronunciation Of Final (Ed) For Verbs In The Past Tense. use these 3 simple rules.

Say any Country in English

In this lesson you’ll learn how to pronounce any country in the world correctly in English.

stress in nouns & verbs

learn more about the stress pattern in words that can be verbs and nouns at the same time.

word stress

learn more about stress and it’s importance in making you sound fluent in English language.

the correct pronunciation of (-tion)

This lesson will help you learn the correct pronunciation of the suffix   -tion in all the different words.

How to pronounce (th) in any word

In this lesson you will learn how to pronounce the two consonants (th) in any word.

Silent letters 1

In this part will see different examples of silent letters in English language.

Silent Letters 2

This is the second part with more letters and examples.

Vowel sounds

In this lesson we will dig deeper into the English vowel sounds. Find more about them with different examples.


Learn more about the international phonetic alphabet and it’s importance in making you say the words in English correctly.

3 reasons to start training your tongue on the corresct pronunciation.

Start perfecting the pronunciation of different English words 

how to level up your English.

Take your English skill to a higher level the easy and fast way.

English Language Levels of Proficiency, What’s Your Level?

Learn more about your English language levels, and check your current level as well.

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