Adjust your dorm room for better sleep

Every student can turn his or her dorm room into a sanctuary where they refuel their energy every night so that they can perform at their best the next day. 

Use these 5 tips to get better sleep at your dorm room.

Good quality sleep doesn’t have to stop when serious study starts. it is true that college life requires focusing on different things at the same time which lead some students to make some sacrifices including sacrificing good sleep.

The truth is that you have to aim for good sleep every night. For good sleep is what will give you the necessary energy, mental focus and tenacity to learn more effectively and score high at your studies.

Keep The Outside Light Out:

Morning sunlight is one the things that boosts your energy and motivates you to start working, but at night when it is bedtime, it’s a different story.

The outside light whether sunlight or artificial can disrupt your sleep cycle by influencing your circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock that tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up).

Use thick curtains to block out the outside light at night.

Limit The Light Inside Your Room:

In a perfect world you and your roommates will wake up at the same time, study or review your lessons at the same, and go to bed at the same time. in the real world that will never happen.

You and your roommates might have very different schedules. They might go to bed late or wake up earlier than you to prepare for a paper or an exam they have.

Ask your friends to use a desk lamp so that the light won’t be in the whole room. 

Also it is wise to have an eye mask by your side in case you want another layerof protection from light.

Choose The Right Room Colors:

If you could paint your room blue, go and do it. otherwise use accessories in your room with cool colors like blue and gray; surrounding yourself with these colors can improve your sleep. while colors like red might keep you alert and disturb your sleep by increasing your heart-rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

If you can’t paint the whole room blue then a blue pillow cover and a gray bed sheet or cover will give you the desired effect.

Organize Your Room and Keep it Organized:

I would say this is the most important tip. Mess creates stress, and stress hinders good quality sleep.

Tidy your room up and wash your bed sheets, covers and pillow covers often. But before you start sleeping in your dorm room make sure to do the following:

  • Check the bed and bed frame and clean it using the necessary products 
  • Shake the mattress and expose it to sunlight for a good period of time.
  • Cover your mattress well by using a special zip-around covers.
  • bring your own pillow, pillow covers and bed sheets.

Add a Fragrance 

A subtle suitable scent like jasmine or lavender can help you get a good sleep. You can also use a hand cream with a nice scent (that you like) or use the automatic spay freshener.

Avoid using incense then sleeping,  it can cause fire.

An uncluttered and organized space promotes good sleep.

And Now since your living far from home, it’s the perfect time to learn how to take care of your personal space.

I hope that this article can be of great help to you. Keep getting great grades and don’t sacrifice your good sleep.

If you have any question or a suggestion you can always connect with me via the different social media platforms provided below.

Live strong.

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